SUN UV7 Cordless LED Lamp

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The SUNUV 7 is arguably the most versatile and highest quality uv/led lamp on the market. This lamp has combined the ergonomic and functional features of all of the greatest curing lamps and combined them into one reliable and handy unit.

NOTE: This is a 48 watt Smart 2.0 lamp. This means that the lamp will work with most uv and led polishes and builder gels.

  • ergonomic design that prevents clients from touching the edges and smudging gel or gel polish
  • Painless soft white light curing for the client
  • 2500 miliamp lithium-ion battery that provides cordless use (can also operate as a wired unit with provided power cable)
  • 48 watt
  • 30 upgraded premium quality LED diodes strategically placed for consistent curing
  • Light weight
  • LED Timer
  • 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s+ memory low heat mode options
  • Auto-sensor for on/off function
  • Fanless silent operation (no fans to maintain)
  • Removable protective cover shields the nail technicians eyes from bright lights
  • Auto-sensor to prevent overheating
  • Dual plug US and EU type
  • Recessed power cable hole with channeling to prolong lifespan of power cable


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