Sky Zone 10ml (1-2 seconds) Sensitive

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Sky Zone

Sky Zone is the latest and most revolutionary eyelash extension adhesive to come from the Sky collection. This lash glue allows the advanced lash artist to work quickly with normal and sensitive skin type clients while offering the maximum retention time of 6-7 weeks.

This glue is suitable for both classic and volume lash extensions.

Includes resealable pouch


Size: 10ml

Glue Colour: Black

Viscosity: 1/5 (thin)

Fume: Low-medium fume

Drying Time: 1-2 seconds

Retention Time: 6-7 weeks

Recommended temperature: 23-28 C

Recommended humidity: Relative Humidity 45%

Latex Free & Formaldehyde Free

Sky Zone is a professional product and is meant to be used only by professionals. This product is not suitable for strip lashes. It is only meant to be used for individual eyelash extensions.


Shelf Life Unopened Bottle: ~6 months
Shelf Life Opened Bottle: ~2 months

It is extremely important that your product is always fresh. Salon Pro is an exclusive distributor of Sky Glue and Sky Zone in Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Our glue is ordered direct from factory and always fresh. Why is this important? When you purchase lash adhesive from large online market places like Amazon or Ebay you are taking the risk of purchasing a bottle of adhesive that has been sitting in a fulfillment center warehouse for many months if not years. This glue is old and has lost its potency. You will notice that your clients’ retention is poor and may lose their business entirely. When it comes to your business do not take unnecessary risks. All of our glues are stamped with manufactured dates allowing you to judge when it is time to cull through your supply and order fresh glue.

Generally speaking you should be disposing of opened bottles every 2 months. For most of our clients this is not a consideration as they will have already expended the contents of the bottle in this time.


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